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Pamper yourself with professional massage  without having to leave your home.


Regular massage has been scientifically proven to have immense therapeutic effects on both the body and the mind because increasing our overall sense of wellbeing through the healing power of touch. Massage is a great tool to reduce stress, to combat anxiety, to loosen up tight muscles, reduce pain and stiffness, and release tension.

Our massage therapists are highly trained and skilled to ensure that you get the most out of your mobile massage, giving you a luxury spa experience in the comfort of your own home, villa, or yacht.

We offer a selection of massages that provide different benefits, each of them purposefully paired with carefully chosen high quality aromatherapy oils to enhance the effect of the massage and optimise results.
You can choose the type of massage that suits your needs and preferences at each time. If you’re not sure which massage would be best for you, our wellness therapists can help you to decide based on your current needs and what type of pressure or massage experience you prefer.

Our Calm Essence massage is designed to give you a deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing. If you need a more restorative experience, our Energy Essence massage will help to balance the energies in the body and help you feel more grounded and find your centre. if you’re feeling drained and need to recharge your batteries, our Vitality Essence massage will give you an extra boost of energy and leave you feeling ready to take on your day.

Calm Essence

Connect with the flow of water.
This incredible stress relieving treatment consists of a deep relax and a soft massage with undulating movements and warm almond oil, sandalwood and orange.
Reawakens the senses and induces to complete states of calm.
 Moisturizing and rejuvenating.

The Calm Essence massage is an incredible stress-relieving treatment designed to connect us with the flow of water, and with a state of calm within ourselves. It consists of a soft, gentle massage with undulating movements to reawaken the senses and induce a feeling of deep relaxation in the body and mind. We use the BeOil “De Stress” blend for our massage, which has a moisturising and rejuvenating effect. Warm almond oil is combined with the aromatherapy benefits of sandalwood and orange, which can help to reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and has anti ageing properties. The oils used in combination with the soft massage movements are designed to induce a complete sense of calm, leaving us feeling rejuvenated and our skin moisturised.
The Calm Essence massage is a perfect choice for a mobile massage, as we can enjoy the benefits of this luxury treatment within the comfort of our own home, and prolong the benefits of the deep relaxation by staying cocooned in our familiar surroundings after the treatment

Energy Essence

Light your wild Fire.
A Stimulating full body massage using firming and toning oils of lemongrass, geranio and ciprés to drain toxins and flow difficult out of the body, improve the circulation and the flow of energy.
This detox treatment involves the application of pressure to reflex points helping to restore the body to a healthy balance.
 Detoxifying and firmin
Medium Pressure

The Energy Essence massage treatment will light the wild fire within you, improving the circulation and the flow of energy within your body. This firming and stimulating full body massage consists of applying pressure to reflex points in the body, helping to draw out toxins and impurities, to improve blood and lymph circulation, and to restore our body to a healthy energetic balance. This is a detoxifying massage that applies medium pressure to cleanse and restore balance in our bodies and thus improve our overall sense of wellbeing. We use the BeOil “Detox SkinTox” oil, a detoxifying combination of lemongrass, geranium and cypress oils that together will give us a firming and toning effect.
This massage will leave our skin feeling supple, our body renewed, our mood uplifted and our energy levels balanced. As with all our mobile massages, it can be performed in the comfort of your own home or villa for your convenience.

Vitality Essence

Give your body freedom
This rebalancing treatment, releases muscle tension by combining a full body deep tissue massage with essentials oils of mint and thyme and pepper to activate, decongest and warm up the muscles. This stimulating techniques works on the deepest layers of the muscle tissue and gives the person a new healthy energy and relieve tension.
 Anti- Inflammatory and muscular analgesic

Deep Tissue

Our Vitality Essence treatment is an energy boosting treatment, great if you’re feeling sluggish and need a bit of energy activation to recharge your batteries. This vitality massage will release muscle tension through a full body deep tissue massage, reducing fatigue. By using stimulating techniques to work on the deepest layers of muscle tissue we can warm and rebalance them to give you a new healthy feeling of energy, whilst relieving muscular tension. The deep tissue stimulation massage technique is combined with the aromatherapy benefits . This oil combines mint, thyme and pepper essential oils, which have anti-inflammatory properties and act as a muscular analgesic, working together to activate, decongest, and warm up the muscles. In this way, our muscles are primed to get the biggest benefit possible from the massage treatment so that we leave feeling revitalised, and giving our body freedom to tackle anything the day brings us.

Our Treatments


It is a revolutionary treatment based on nature, with vegan products
and woodtherapy of which you can have immediate visible results. It is indicated to deeply hydrate, oxygenate and regenerate the skin, treating the signs of aging in a unique way.
Includes: Cleaning with soft massages, peeling, mask, KOBIDO style massage, vacuum and wooden facial accessories.

You can have a complete one of 60 minutes or just an additional one with your body massage, enjoying a 30 minute facial.

Your Beauty Moments

Cuticles and other areas around your nails are gently removed. Trimming is done to give your hands and nails a neat appearance.Includes soak, cuticle care, nail filing and polish.

Our hands can take a lot of abuse every day, from a higher exposure to the sun and other elements which can dry up our skin and nails, to frequent immersion and washing, or the many hours spent typing on our computer or doing other manual tasks. We ask a lot of them, so it’s always good to give them a little pampering in return. We offer a mobile Manicure Spa service during your stay in Mallorca to leave your hands looking bright and your nails healthy and shiny.
Our luxury manicure starts off with a hand soak to soften the skin, after which we will remove cuticles and hangnails to give your nails a neat appearance. Then we moisturise the skin to keep your hands feeling supple and soft. We then trim and file your nails as needed to leave them in perfect shape, and finish off with the nail polish of your choice to match your mood or your look. Book a mobile Manicure Spa treatment to leave your hands feeling soft, relaxed, and looking groomed to perfection.


Take care of your body and soul.
We offer the service of private yoga classes.
If you have the habit of practicing yoga in your city, do not leave your routine during your holidays!
If you have not yet tried it and you want to start, it is always a good time to connect with your soul, align your energies, and feel incredibly renewed.