Manual Therapy Rehabilitation In Port d´Andratx

We believe in the philosophy that «what doesn’t move, stagnates.» With this in mind, we offer physiotherapy sessions that seamlessly integrate manual therapy, body awareness, and the restoration of freedom of movement.

Our approach to manual therapy rehabilitation addresses a wide range of issues, including sports injuries, orthopedic conditions, and both chronic and acute pain. We prioritize identifying the root cause of the problem to ensure effective and lasting results.

During your initial session, our experienced therapists conduct a comprehensive evaluation to understand your unique needs and goals. Together, we create a personalized treatment plan tailored to address your specific concerns and objectives.

In manual therapy, we utilize a variety of techniques, including joint mobilization, my ofascial release, elongation, targeted massages, and precise pain point therapy. Additionally, we may incorporate specialized techniques such as tapping, cryotherapy, and ashi acupuncture points to further enhance your treatment experience.

As part of your treatment plan, we integrate therapeutic exercises to complement the manual therapy sessions and facilitate your progress. These exercises are designed to support your rehabilitation journey and empower you to continue your progress at home.

Whether you prefer individual sessions or bundled packages for a more comprehensive approach, we are here to support you on your path to improved mobility, function, and overall well-being.

Design Your Own 90 Minute Session!

Choose manual therapy rehabilitation with us and experience the difference that personalized care and comprehensive treatment can make in your life. Fisio massages are available at our center in Port d'Andratx, as well as through our mobile service. Not Available at our center in Palma.

For example:

30 Min Facial + 30 Min Foot Massage + 30min Indian Head Massage: Treat your skin to a
refreshing facial to rejuvenate and nourish your complexion, then pamper your feet with a
soothing massage. Complete your session with an invigorating Indian head massage to
relieve stress and tension.
60 Minutes Full Body Massage + 30 Minutes Foot Massage: Indulge in a relaxing full-body
massage to ease tension and promote overall well-being, followed by a rejuvenating foot
massage to soothe tired feet.
60 Minutes Body Massage + 30 Minutes Wood Massage Therapy: Enjoy a therapeutic body
massage to target specific areas of tension and promote relaxation. Followed by a specialized wood massage therapy session aimed at enhancing circulation and combating

Our experienced therapists are here to assist you in choosing the best combination of services for your unique needs. Let us help you create the perfect session for a truly indulgent experience!

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