Mobile Massage at your Home

The Island Wellness is dedicated to providing professional massage services at home, specifically for villas and yachts throughout Palma de Mallorca.
I’m Karla, and I’m the therapist available to fulfill massage treatment requests at your location. My experience comes from working with the best 5-star hotels in Mallorca, such as Cap Rocat, Maricel, among others. After several years honing my skills in the wellness and spa sector, I have decided to offer my extensive knowledge and high quality services to a more sophisticated clientele, but now in the comfort of their own homes.

During peak season months, I also have a team of professional massage therapists available, and upon availability consultation, I can ensure the services are provided with the same quality. Our team consists of experienced therapists who have honed their skills in top-rated 5-star spas across the island. Therefore, The Island Wellness guarantees a professional service of high quality.

I hope you can enjoy a unique experience with our massages, which can be specially designed for the moment of our first visit. For bookings, the best way is to chat directly with me via WhatsApp, and together, we can organize the best time for you.

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